Exeat Pro Hostel Solutions

With almost every student now having a smartphone of his own, their information seeking and assimilating abilities are at a different level than the preceding generations. Not only are today’s students communicating faster, but want everything on their fingertips as well. The end result is a wide variety of communication channels which are all being driven by handheld devices. So, any communication solution targeted at student’s needs to be centered around mobility.

Intelligent solutions for the student community

With EXEAT ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS you get cutting edge technologies which do not burn a hole in your credit hours. The end result is a set of solutions designed keeping the student easy access to exeats and easy communication with your professors should there be a reason for you will be missing class. Our solution delivers the maximum value for your time. With Exeat Enterprise Systems’ solutions, you can improve your learning processes along with the leisure time, all with a single point of contact.
Key components of Exeat Enterprise Systems’ school hostel solutions

  • Real-time student location and its’ environs should there be any danger around the student. Central web-based portal deployment with targeted applications.
  • Shared apps with central deployment capabilities to increase the reach and effectiveness of the learning solutions
  • Launch campus-wide initiatives such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Improved vendor management through enhanced communication options
  • Cloud-based apps to reach a broader set of students across locations
  • Notification management solutions for regular student communications
  • Public communication and safety management via e911 routing based solution

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