Temlio IT-Product Distribution

Temlio is a cloud-based communication platform, that allows you to receive and make phone calls, send and receive text, trigger USSD menu and receive a response in your application through RESTful API.

Giving you communication power of future

  • Voice
  • Temlios’s voice application gives you the power of advanced call control, global connectivity, and RESTful APIs. It’s an all-in-one phone call powerful house designed for instance scale, flexibility, and cost-effective communication. Make phone calls globally and buy local numbers & receive calls in a growing number of countries. Record any part of your calls.
  • SMS
  • Build robust automated Text Messaging (SMS) applications to send and receive text messages to mobile devices all over the world.
  • USSD
  • Build triggered menu-based USSD applications to send and receive real-time responses from mobile devices all over the world.


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